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Anger Dangler™

Anger Dangler™

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  • ✓ Durable Vegan Leather Construction
  • ✓ Ultra-Secure Stainless Steel Clamp
  • ✓ Quick and Easy Inflation
  • ✓ Stress Relief at Your Fingertips
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Need 4 Speed
Anger Dangler
allows you to quickly and effectively relieve stress while playing games or hard at work. Our wall mountable speed bag gives you a space saving outlet to vent your frustrations. Whether you’re after muscle mass or stress relief, Anger Danglerlevels you up with gains achieved!

mprovise ADJUST Overcome
Angler Dangler
is fully adjustable achieving the desired height and angles to accommodate even the tightest of spaces.  Ideal for mounting above your monitor with the speedbag height allowing ease of use while practicing your punch.  Perfect for in-the-moment Rage-Reflex-Reactions

UpperCUT Above The Rest
Superior quality using waterproof, rust resistant aluminum alloy to ensure durability.  Outer shell constructed with vegan leather to withstand thousands of forceful punches.

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Smash The Tilt, Not Your Set Up

Reboot, respawn, and recover all the chill vibes while you're at the office, studying, or playing video games by using our legendary collection of stress relief products. At Tilted™ we come in clutch to keep you from RAGING OUT during those intense moments!

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